Value Chain Engagement and Data-driven Actions

Manage sustainability with data that matters

G360 Climate Solutions - Cloud Based


G360 Climate Solution

A data platform for carbon and climate management

Value Chain Mapping

Map your upstream and downstream companies and their functions

Sustainability Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into your supplier sustainability performance and program effectiveness

Audit and CAP Management

Capture audit data, automate reporting, and manage corrective actions

Sourcing and Trade Management

Track orders, shipping, and costs for the product life cycle

G360 Solution Enablers


  • Capture all program data in a single repository
  • Identify critical issues and bring them to closure
  • Manage your initiatives in a streamlined system


  • Drive collaboration and engagement with internal and external stakeholders
  • Manage approval and review processes
  • Automate routine/repetitive tasks efficiently


  • Create advanced charts and maps with filters and drilldown
  • Access the right data at the right time
  • Analyze performance and trends with interactive reports

Data Collection

Consolidate Data

  • Supplier Profile
  • Activity Data
  • Documents

Data Collection from Suppliers

  • Annual Surveys and SAQs
  • Business Documents

Receive Data from External Sources

  • APIs to and from Other Sources
  • Normalize and Aggregate Data

Workflow Management

Drive Collaboration and Engagement

  • Internal and External Stakeholders

Manage Approval and Review Process

  • Rule-based Routing Based on Criticality

Automate Routine Tasks Efficiently

  • To-dos and Reminders

Reporting and Communication


  • Dashboard Library
  • Preconfigured KPIs and Metrics


  • Collect Data Once, Reports Everywhere
  • Preconfigured Reports

Performance Tracking

  • Search and Analyze Data
  • Trending and Performance Benchmarking