G360 Insights®

The Problem

The main challenge in supply chain management is often attributed to a lack of quality data. Relying on outdated methods like spreadsheets and infrequent communication with suppliers results in stagnant, siloed, and inconsistent information that doesn’t accurately reflect performance metrics or ESG requirements.

Our Approach

G360 solves the problem by focusing on how and when data is collected, processed, and communicated.


We simplify and streamline the data collection process by making the metrics easily searchable and accessible.


We gather what information is collected, who's involved, and when the outreach occurred to maximize data utility.


We compile raw data into standardized indicators to promote seamless and quantitative communication to stakeholders and decision makers.

The G360 Difference

G360 Insights® is a robust and battle-tested data and process management platform.

Powerful browser-based WYSIWYG tools

G360 Insights® enables users to:
  • Create web form templates for data capture, logic calculation and scoring.
  • Design workflow templates for task management, scheduling, alerts, and notifications.
  • Author dashboard, scorecards, and report templates.

Improve transparency, visibility, and traceability

G360 Insights® powers program tracking:
  • “Slice and dice” the data via the embedded analytics engine.
  • Review and compare results for continuous performance improvement.
  • Monitor performance via dynamic dashboards and scorecards.

Save time and resources

G360 Insights® is secure and scalable:
  • Manage your data online, offline or via mobile device.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with internal and external groups.
  • Minimize manual data interpretation with configurable logic and analytics.


G360 Insights® leverages AI to automate processes:
  • Automatically scan and summarize various audit reports for standardized results.
  • Systematically generate CAPAs based on qualifying audit findings.
  • Query existing data to generate specialized visuals on demand.

Your Benefits

We're trusted by organizations such as the Responsible Business Alliance, The Home Depot, Meta, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Sustainability Programs

We understand no two companies are the same, and this applies to managing your supplier engagement initiatives. With our scalable design, we can tailor the platform to your individual needs ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your current sustainability programs.

Supplier and Stakeholder Collaboration

Built in platform features include role-based access controls and notifications which allow a diverse selection of users to use the platform in a way best aligned with their visibility needs.

Embedded Analytics

Our embedded analytics offerings allow users to visualize supply chain data in real time, skipping the manual effort of generating these breakdowns. Reducing the time from data collection means more actionable insights.


Specifically in areas of Audit and CAPA management, the G360 Insights platform can utilize AI capability to gain deeper knowledge into your supply chain and find connections between siloed data sources.

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