Audit Management

The Problem

In a fast-changing regulatory driven landscape with no single social accountability standard, companies are faced with many choices on how to conduct supply chain due diligence audits.

With so many unique audit standards managed by different firms and associations, companies struggle with the ability to normalize audit results for comparability and consistency across all supplier evaluations.

Our Approach

Centralized Management: Manage all your audits in a comprehensive platform to create a rich dataset that can be used to generate audit scores, corrective and preventive action plans, and robust dashboards to illustrate key metrics for your program.

Standardized Findings: Automate audit equivalency across various protocols into a single view. Audits from the following programs are among those we can help you manage:

-amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
-Better Work
-Equitable Food Initiative (EFI)
-Fair Trade USA
-ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP)
-Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
-SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)
-Social Accountability International (SA8000)
-Social and Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)
-Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

Automated Processes: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customized logic normalize audit finding ratings, audit scoring, and nonconformance categories for straightforward reporting.

The G360 Difference

  • Less Manual Effort

    Eliminate the need to have your team translate shared audits into your company’s protocol.

  • Simplified Reporting

    Consolidate multiple audit programs into one cohesive platform for consistent results.

  • Finding Remediation

    Automatically kick off corrective and preventative actions to improve supplier performance.

Your Benefits

Evaluate audit results from countless suppliers with less time, effort, and manpower.

Bolster your risk management framework by integrating social audit findings into decision making.

Enhance your regulatory compliance through efficient and ongoing supplier management and documentation.

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