Sourcing + Trade Management

The Problem

In today’s competitive global supply chain, retailers, brands, and manufacturers cannot afford to make the wrong sourcing decisions.

Millions of dollars are affected based on your tracking of orders, inventory, and shipping logistics.

Our Approach

Built on proven technology and fueled by years of domain expertise in global supply chain management, our solution has helped retailers, brands, and manufacturers manage billions of dollars of goods annually.

Streamline and automate the entire sourcing and import management process from product design, costing, and quotation through PO-generation, tariff assignment, customs, shipping, and final delivery.

Flexible and easy to scale and implement, making it accessible to both large and medium sized companies.

The G360 Difference

  • Custom

    Our rules engine puts the power to configure, customize, and change business processes directly in the hands of the users.

  • Scalable

    You can opt for the full solution or start with a subset of functionality and expand the modular capabilities based on need.

  • Time-Tested

    We're used by the world’s leading retailers to optimize their global sourcing and trade management efforts in over 50 countries.

Your Benefits

Track and consolidate vendor and product compliance across countless suppliers.

Share product data and enable collaboration between external parties for seamless integration.

Get alerted and respond quickly when problems occur for full visibility into your supply chain.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

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