Supply Chain Management

The Problem

Complex supply chains involving multiple tiers of suppliers across diverse regions often lead to interoperability challenges and data fragmentation, making it complicated to aggregate and analyze supplier performance.

To establish continuous monitoring, companies need standardized benchmarks and clear communication channels with their supplier network in a scalable format.

Our Approach

Consolidated Data: A comprehensive database of all your direct and indirect suppliers that grows as you do.

Efficient Visibility: Built-in data sharing schemes reduce the reporting burden at both the site and company level.

Customized Users: Tailored roles, groups, and permissions allow the right information to reach the best equipped professionals.

The G360 Difference

  • Multi-Tiered Groupings

    Map your suppliers according to product, service, or Scope 3 category to drive data tracking and compliance.

  • Convenient Onboarding

    Bulk upload supplier lists to streamline your supply chain and to ensure standardized data points between all entities.

  • Configurable Attributes

    Customize company-specific business attributes that align with your established sourcing approach.

Your Benefits

Access centralized supplier performance data from multiple sources and systems in one location.

Quickly and easily work with your suppliers to address conduct issues, drive improvement, and strengthen relationships.

Generate a holistic view of your supply chain as it relates to industry standards, best practices, or internal benchmarks.

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