Forced Labor

The Problem

Forced labor poses a significant challenge to businesses, as it is one of the most difficult risks to identify in the supply chain.

Organizations face the complex task of compliance with diverse regulations while managing supplier relationships, cultural barriers, and resource constraints in ongoing monitoring and enforcement.

Our Approach

Engage: Using secure and automated workflows, we can help you build transparency through a tiered approach to screen and assess suppliers through surveys and direct communications.

Visualize: Once you have collected a robust amount of data, we can highlight the hotspots that matter most to your business.

Comply: We allow you to understand how, where, and by whom your products are manufactured to ensure fair labor practices and human rights are being upheld.

The G360 Difference

  • Enhanced Visibility

    Understand and pinpoint the highest risks of ILO Indicators at both the supplier level and the product level.

  • Accurate Reporting

    Maximize your reporting effectiveness through customizable reports, dashboards, and data collection templates.

  • Proactive Oversight

    Establish an organized approach to some of the world's most persistent challenges so you can maintain your sourcing efforts with confidence.

Your Benefits

Gain visibility into lesser-known areas of your supply chain to minimize risks.

Stay a step ahead in a constantly evolving landscape of regulatory compliance.

Cost-effectively safeguard your operations by protecting worker wellbeing.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

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