One-Stop Data Solution for Supply Chain Sustainability

With quantifiable and verifiable data

G360 Insights®

Global supply chains are rapidly evolving in the face of regulations, trade tensions, and geopolitical events. Companies must be able to manage a growing list of issues including forced labor, climate risks and other emerging compliance requirements.

G360 Insights® is a one-stop data solution that manages all your social and climate programs along with other company-specific initiatives based on industry best practices.

One-Stop Data Solution

Instead of dealing with multiple fragmented solutions with siloed data, G360 takes a holistic approach to your supply chain sustainability efforts by consolidating all relevant data on one platform and creating a tailored solution for your needs.

Validated & Trusted

G360’s scalable turnkey solution has been battle-tested and trusted by major organizations to fit current priorities as well as long-term roadmaps.  Our support and services teams are ready to work with you to turn your reporting needs into a live solution in a few months or less.

Climate Solution

The ultimate data platform for managing your carbon and climate impact

Responsible Sourcing Solution

Effectively collect, store, and analyze data related to your sourcing activities

Solution Enablers


Consolidate Data

  • Supplier Profile
  • Activity Data
  • Documents

Data Collection from Suppliers

  • Annual Surveys and SAQs
  • Business Documents

Receive Data from External Sources

  • APIs to and from Other Sources
  • Normalize and Aggregate Data


Drive Collaboration and Engagement

  • Internal and External Stakeholders

Manage Approval and Review Process

  • Rule-based Routing Based on Criticality

Automate Routine Tasks Efficiently

  • To-dos and Reminders



  • Dashboard Library
  • Preconfigured KPIs and Metrics


  • Collect Data Once, Reports Everywhere
  • Preconfigured Reports

Performance Tracking

  • Search and Analyze Data
  • Trending and Performance Benchmarking