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Data-driven solutions – without IT

For organizations seeking to improve operational efficiency and performance, G360 offers scalable solutions that provide intelligent data and process management based on top risks and operational details for business users. Unlike traditional approaches, G360 solutions are expertly designed for business users without the need of software engineers and data scientists.

Powered by innovation

Our core technology is G360 Insights, a revolutionary web-based platform that serves users from any location, on any device – easily configurable to account for business rules, requirements and problem areas. The secure cloud-based solutions are delivered to you in days at a fraction of the cost.

Our latest products

G360 Insights is an agile data and process management platform that enables you to solve a wide range of business problems.


Radius is an intelligent incident management solution that enables organizations to easily capture safety and security incidents, quickly detect key issues, and instantly communicate vital information across departments—anytime, anywhere.

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Echo is an advanced audit, remediation and compliance solution. Echo enables organizations to address their evolving needs in internal and external audits, corrective actions programs, and various compliance requirements.

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