G360 Supply Chain Compliance – 360° View of your Suppliers

Manage your factory audits and vendors efficiently and expertly

Compliance Officers

Executive dashboards provide critical displays for assessing and monitoring supplier risks and hot spots in real-time. Gain Comprehensive oversight of remediation programs with a clear understanding of systemic risks throughout the supply chain.
  • Continuous monitoring (risk control)
  • Supply chain performance ratings
  • Key risk scorecards
  • Performance metrics
  • Risk quantification
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Risk-related progress tracking
  • Audit and remediation risk mapping

Compliance Directors

Access real-time information surrounding audit performance for the entire supply chain. Receive real-time alerts for all escalations resulted from audits and CAPs via emails.
  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • Audit execution details
  • CAP details status
  • Troubled factories

Audit Scheduling

Request an audit by selecting from available audit types, factories for the audit, and a due date. Once an audit request is submitted for a specific factory, email notifications are sent in real-time to the factory as well as the auditors for coordination.

Audit Execution

Auditors are able to see all pending audit requests and quickly assign them to the right auditors. Once the assessment is completed, the auditor submits the completed document for review.


The factory receives notification that an audit has been requested. They may suggest alternative schedule time and other preferences for the audit. This is automated and communication occurs through the system.

Suppliers / Vendors

The Supplier / Vendor has visibility into detailed audit and CAP information for their factories. Alerts and notifications are sent to Supplier / Vendor in real-time via emails.

Supply chain insight – anytime, anywhere