One-stop Data Solution for Supply Chain Sustainability

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Featured, G360, Supply Chain

Global supply chains are rapidly evolving in the face of regulations, trade tensions, and geopolitical events. Companies must be able to manage a growing list of issues including forced labor, climate risks and other emerging compliance requirements. At the same time, there is a post pandemic shift for companies to focus on tangible goals and program effectiveness while juggling cost efficiency.

G360 Insights® is a one-stop data solution that manages all your social and climate programs along with other company-specific initiatives based on industry best practices. Instead of dealing with multiple fragmented solutions with siloed data, G360 takes a holistic approach to your supply chain sustainability efforts by consolidating all relevant data on one platform and creating a tailored solution for your needs.

G360’s scalable turnkey solution has been battle-tested and trusted by major organizations to fit current priorities as well as long-term roadmaps. Our support and services teams are ready to work with you to turn your reporting needs into a live solution in a few months or less.

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