G360 Climate Solution

A data platform for carbon and climate management

Scope 3 Emissions

Scope 3 emissions are by far the largest proportion of an organization’s carbon footprint.  However, they are also the area over which businesses have the least control and have the most difficulty quantifying.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Scope 3 Challenges

Value Chain Mapping and Collaboration

Data Availability, Collection, and Quality

Emissions Estimates and Calculations

Transparency and Accountability

The G360 Approach


Your Climate Baseline


Scope 3 Snapshot


Emissions Activity Data


Climate Metrics

The G360 Difference

1-Click Scope 3 Estimation

Supplier-Specific Calculation

Scopes 1 & 2

Granular Data Collection

Reporting Year and Sites

Detailed Emissions Activity Data

Seamless Calculation following the GHG Protocol

Target Tracking


Reduce survey fatigue with streamlined data collection

G360 Scope 3 Solution - ALIGN

Identify emissions hotspots and track reduction targets

A Platform That Fits Your Needs

Customizable Reporting Frequencies

Site and Asset-Level Emissions Calculations

Hotspot Identification

Recommendations and Roadmapping