Quality Control Solution

Improve accountability for product quality challenges

Our quality control solution enables businesses to increase visibility into the root causes of product defects. We achieve this by collecting and keeping track of testing results and inspection data in a centralized repository along with product data throughout the product life cycle.

Web form (GForm®) templates replace spreadsheets and PDF files to allow effective tracking of data
Workflows provide transparency of process and data to help identify gaps
Reporting and dashboards identify ownership of defects to help validate chargebacks

Improve product quality with swift remedial actions

Companies are often forced to incur the cost of damaged or defective products because it is difficult to pinpoint the root cause in their supply chain as product quality data, testing results and inspection data are sitting in siloed Excel and PDF files.

Our quality control solution addresses the following issues

Spreadsheet-based inspection reports lack critical context

PDF-based testing reports make data impossible to track

End-to-end product quality data is siloed and fragmented

Difficulty to aggregate data necessary to identify root causes

Solution Benefit
  • Collect and keep track of relevant product data
  • Streamline quality control processes
  • Provide easy reporting and dashboards