Incident Management Solution

Real-time mobile incident reporting that adapts to organizations' needs for accurate and factual evidence gathering including photos and geolocations.

What it does
  • Build-in risk assessment and review capability that links incidents with risks
  • Configurable workflows with real time notifications
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt for entire organization
  • Secure cloud-based solution
Capture Incidents about events related to people, vehicle and properties
Real-time notifications, reports and dashboards
Assess incident trends, areas of risks and operational performance
Why G360
  • Easy to customize GForms® to enable business users to define what to capture
  • Configurable workflows to enable business users to define who and when to notify
  • "Slice and Dice" incident data via an embedded analytics engine to automatically generate reports and dashboards
  • Notification and communication between business groups upon review of reports
  • Risk-driven incident reporting - link incidents with risks
Solution Benefit
  • Real-time mobile incident reporting
  • Automatic alerts for rapid response
  • Simplified reporting and dashboards