Supply Chain Compliance Solution

A centralized and easy-to-use supplier repository and management system for your Social Compliance Audits, Supplier Self-assessments, Corrective Action Plans, Third-Party Audits and other supplier compliance initiatives.

G360 addresses the ad hoc nature of supply chain compliance data with a flexible, extensible, and cost-effective solution.

You may be under staffed. It is important that your team focuses on critical issues rather than data entry. You want the service providers to deliver the audit results, onsite CAP visits, and other assessment results to you on time with quality based on the service level agreements. You decided to accept industry audits from qualified third parties to supplement your own audits. You want to make sure third-party audit data is managed consistently.

G360 supply chain compliance solution connects the data and provides you an easy-to-access and searchable platform where you can manage your compliance programs and initiatives.

Our solution enables you to define and manage audit checklists, surveys, assessments, and collect data such as pictures, videos, audio, geolocation and timestamps. Our mobile capability enables users to take a photo or record a video on their mobile phones and upload directly. Hierarchical role-based access control enables companies to control access rights based on user's role.

We offer:
  • A real-time collaborative platform that enables you to
    • Access the dashboards to find out your suppliers' compliance performance
    • Know where the data comes from with detailed traceable audit trails
    • Streamline processes for tasks such as audits or corrective action plans that you delegate to service providers
    • Capturing pictures, videos, and geolocations via mobile and offline
  • Reports and Analytics
    • Audit reports and CAP reports are automatically generated and accessible and can be emailed to stakeholders
    • Dashboards for real-time status, trending, hot spots are easily accessible on your phone or laptop
    • Search and advanced data analytics enable you to make informed decisions based on data
    • You can easily design your reports and dashboards
Audit templates reduce human error by using rules to enforce data integrity
Workflows enable consistency by automating and standardizing manual business processes
Built-in reporting and dashboards provide actionable insights
Use G360 Supply Chain Compliance Solution for:
  • Social Compliance Audits: Audit Checklist, Audit Execution, and Reports
  • Third-Party Audits: Managing Industry Audits to Supplement Your Own Audits
  • Corrective Action Plans: CAP Plan and Closure
  • Self-Assessments: Easily Managing Supplier Self-Assessments
  • Anonymous Reporting: Mobile-enabled Reporting for Concerns and Allegations
G360 vs. ERP

G360 offers tailored solution in supply chain compliance by enabling businesses to easily collect and aggregate data from multiple sources across your supply chain and service providers. ERP systems are typically rigid, and are not flexible to meet the constant and evolving change requirements. And, it takes long time to implement. G360's cloud-based solution takes a fraction of time to implement and is cost-effective.

G360 and Service Providers

Accessing an audit report from a service provider's system is not good enough. G360 enables companies to manage the data that the service providers are tasked to collect. Companies can gain full control and visibility by having a single and consolidated view into their suppliers.

Check out the videos below:

Manage Social Compliance Program with G360

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Manage Corrective Action Plan with G360

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Manage Third-Party Audits with G360

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Manage Audit Execution with G360

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Manage Audit Scoring and Letter Grading with G360

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